0.7: 0.7

  • [#264] Abort queued cell executions when an error occurs
  • [#276] Added flag that tells if you’re in a kernel: getOption('jupyter.in_kernel', FALSE)
  • [#272] Added Comm message support (for e.g. widgets)
  • [#285] Isolate full HTML pages in iframes (also useful for widgets)
  • [a7f91315d6ccf4c6e8d06d73cc770e21468b3488] Added the ability to use repr.plot_width/height between two plots in the same cell. (sorry for the messed up commit message)
  • [3ff41c733aaba801823217135e5371fc934292eb] Added the jupyter.pager_classes option to control what to show in a pager (currently vignette() lists and help())
  • [#293] Added a jupyter.logfile option and the environment variables JUPYTER_LOG_LEVEL and JUPYTER_LOGFILE
  • [#324] Add our own quit()/… functions to a new environment so they survive workspace cleaning.
  • [4d4193ff2a041650b24364ecee1493ce595e1b5c] Added a kernel.js with the custom key bindings Alt- (inserts <- ) and F1 (gives contextual help for the word under the cursor)
  • [#406] Add support for .Last.value


  • fixed typo in dQuote calls


New features

  • [#196] Made quit()/q() work
  • [#203] Added a Dockerfile
  • [#252] Possibility to install multiple kernel specs

Change of behavior

  • [#238] Switched to pbdZMQ to hopefully make setup woes a thing of the past!
  • [#251] Use display_data instead of execute_result for output

Notable bug fixes

  • [#222] Show traceback on error (and don’t continue execution!)
  • [#224] Mark JSON as UTF-8 to prevent encoding errors
  • [bcaea6800a76c76740d6f01818d302674aa73da6] don’t use unicode in the source to not break windows


New features

  • [#153] support shutdown_request

Changes of behavior

  • [#173] Use full path to R interpreter for kernelspec.json
  • [#154] Remove JPG and PDF from default output formats
  • [361c676e0d9abe1fca9c7bace7a5038238fea8ee] use jupyter binary per default


  • Full code cleanup
  • Bulk of the readme extracted to