0.9: CRAN release

Changed the name of the list entry getOption('repr.matrix.latex.colspec')$row.head to row_head

0.8: Version 0.8

  • [#60] Avoid repr of lists with unrepr’able items
  • [#63] Correctly check for the Cairo package’s availability at runtime instead of compile time
  • [#65] Greatly improve matrix/data.frame handling robustness by rewriting limiting code
  • [#75] Don’t let HTML collapse spaces in strings anymore

0.7: Version 0.7

  • Fixed factor handling in data.frames
  • Handle POSIXt dates
  • Added rows/cols argument to matrix/data.frame reprs
  • Added packageIQR reprs (informational lists like vignette(package = '...') and data(package = '...'))

0.6: Version 0.6

CRAN release! (nothing else really)

0.5: Version 0.5

  • Circumvented many bugs relating to the poor unicode support of R under Windows
  • Fixed some bugs around arrays
  • Added basic htmlwidget repr
  • Export option defaults
  • Added LaTeX and HTML escaping

0.4: Version 0.4

Limits display of data.frames and matrices to a max number of rows/columns.

Added the options repr.matrix.max.rows (default: 60) and repr.matrix.max.cols (default: 20)

0.3: Version 0.3

Fixed capability detection, so that pngs and jpg are created using the best existing device on each OS