How to change plot size?

options(repr.plot.width  = 4,
        repr.plot.height = 3)

Will you support %%cell magic?

We don’t and won’t support %%cell magic like %%HTML.

You can use IRdisplay::display_html() and other IRdisplay functions instead.

I use SVG as plot mimetype. My browser became slow after I displayed too many data points. Help?

Due to overplotting, displaying many points will reduce the interpretability of the plots. Consider using smoothScatter(). If you use ggplot2, you’ll want (stat|geom)_density_2d() or (stat_bin|geom)_hex().

Why is some error message shown in the kernel log, not the cell output?

It’s probably a library writing to stderr on a low level. Watch this issue if it affects you.

Why do I get kernel crashes with caught segfault: invalid permissions?

You probably had pbdZMQ compiled against a different R version. Try reinstalling it!

Why doesn’t only the value of a cell’s last statement appear, like in IPython?

R is more of a functional language than Python (e.g. you need no return statements), and has an explicit visibility modifier via invisible(value).


	'Not displayed'
	IRdisplay::display('Displayed via the display system')
	'Displayed, because the block evaluates to this value'
invisible('Not displayed')